And they lived happily ever after and then…

A year and one month ago today, Steve and I stood on a breezy hillside as the sun set and exchanged our vows with a twinkling lake behind us and 250 of our friends in front of us.

A year ago today, Steve and I started to figure out what our simple “I dos” really meant.

You know how Happily Ever After starts: a grand wedding, a flowing white dress, singing birds and blossoming flowers. It is at the end of every Disney movie, the end of every storybook, and the last page in every princess coloring book.

But what happens in “Ever After?”

That’s the part that was unknown. We know that prince and princess ride off into the sunset in their white, horse-drawn carriage, but then what?

It was this time last year we found out.

Sure there are still aspects of fairytale and whimsy caught in the webs of the real world. For instance, Steve doesn’t know what to expect when I get home from work: the beautiful princess he remembers from our wedding day, or the very dragon he thought he rescued her from. And if the clock strikes midnight, and I am not a sleeping beauty, well, brace yourselves, because a beast is sure to be roaming the castle that night!  I am sure I have served some meals that are pretty close to poison, and we just might have a mug or two with a chip in it. I’ve learned that it is a whole new world when sharing a bathroom with a boy for the first time, and no matter how much you want them to, your husband will still watch Family Guy and play video games late into the night because he won’t grow up.

We have found out that even though our wedding day was the start of Happily Ever After, and is the end of all the fairytale books, we have enjoyed what happens after. I remember our pastor saying, “You get married April 29th? Well, the best day of your life will be April 30th.” And every day after that, for that matter.

I have learned so much about Steve and even so much about myself that I would never have known about us otherwise. That we can work hard together. That we don’t give up. That Steve is really good at managing a budget and I am really good at…working every day at the same time. Seriously, this is a big deal!

I have enjoyed our life as one and I find new things I love about Steve: I love his laugh when watching a silly TV show; I love how he talks in sound effects; I love how particular he is about how his DVDs are stored. I love finding out that he really, truly eats chips and salsa everyday, and that he hates chicken salad. I love when he puts my phone on the bed before he leaves so that I don’t have to lean over the side to turn off my alarm, and that he locks the door when he leaves me alone inside. I love it when he cuddles up next to me in the middle of the night for no reason (except when it is 100 degrees outside…he doesn’t seem to care though). I love the way he gets excited about the “beeeeeach,” and I love watching him clean his bike every week with such concentration.

How would I learn all these new ways to love Steve without being married to him? And that was just in the first year! What new ways will God show me how to love Steve in all the coming years?

Each day, I find something new and it is exciting. Amidst the challenges we have faced (“What? We pay how much for car insurance?!” “What do you mean there is going to be a drum set, two guitars, three djembes and snowboard in our bedroom?”) , the love we shared on our wedding day has already been overwhelmed by the love and closeness we now have for each other because we know each other so much better and accept each other for all we are (because there is no way we can hide our quirks anymore! “YES! I do need you to make hospital corners when you make the bed!” “The Tupperware fits perfectly inside each other if you just stacked it my way!”)

I am excited for another year (and maybe 50 or so more!) with Steve. Walt may have ended his fairytales with big weddings and carriage rides into the sunset, but if this is what reality is, learning how to love each more and more each day, then I will take that any day over that kind of ending!

Here are some pictures from our Anniversary trip to Vegas!

We saw Jerry Seinfeld perform!

Cute dessert we got at TheMix

Our Anniversary night

Relaxing by the pool

He’s such a kid!

Walking the strip


More adventures to come as Steve and I head to Alaska in a few days with the Corkery family!


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2 Responses to And they lived happily ever after and then…

  1. Nena Amaral says:

    Thanks for keeping us in your lives and it’s always a joy to read your pists about your marriage too. Keep walking in the Lord and have fun in Alaska with your family :). Let us know when you get back as we are out in Florida and will be home next week, so we can get together.

  2. Mom Carbajal says:

    It warms our hearts to see you discover something similar to us at our one year anniversary…that our love for each other had deepened greatly as we walked hand in hand in the first year of marriage. Love you both, and always praying for you.

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