Lifetime Member

Last week, I became a lifetime member of Weight Watchers. That means I hit my goal and maintained it for 6 weeks.

I have never considered myself overweight in any sense of the word, but lately, I have felt uncomfortable in my own body. Clothes didn’t hang right, bathing suits were unflattering, and I just felt “puffy.” 🙂

Steve was a great encourager and motivator during this process. He supported my decision to join even though it was going to cut into our budget. He sacrificed Italian dressing for low-fat dressing and no croutons. He shopped with me and waited patiently while I calculated the points of every single item I took off the shelf (and then put back on the shelf.) He only rolled his eyes sometimes.

I quickly learned that having the support at home was something a lot of the members in my class didn’t have. They would talk about their husbands buying unhealthy foods and offering them to their wives. Their husbands would complain about Weight Watchers recipes that their wives would make and it discouraged many of the ladies. Steve was a big part of my success. One time, we were at a restaurant where Steve had French fries. I was nibbling on them until I realized I just couldn’t keep eating them, especially since I was already satisfied. Steve then poured barbecue sauce on the remaining fries because he knows I don’t like barbecue. It prevented me from eating any more. He has taken bread baskets off the table and has asked the guy at Starbucks what is the “skinny” option of a Caramel Frappucino. He made me successful.

It’s important that your partner supports you. It is also very nice. 🙂 Weight Watchers is a tangible way to actually see how Steve has supported me, but it is just a small representation. He listens to me when I’ve had a rough day and supports me in my decisions with my job even if he might not agree with them. We can work together on making difficult decisions because of the love and understanding that exists between us, although we will both admit it can be challenging at times. We are to be encouragers and help-mates to one another and we are applying new definitions to those terms daily. I am just thankful I am lucky enough to have such a great counterpart and I know he makes me a better person.

And a healthier person, too.

Steve and I on vacation in Gold Beach, OR

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